There are moments you feel no problem in the world could ever tamper with your happiness.
Moments when you just want to wake up everyday and have a day filled with fun and happiness.
Those moments were ones I experienced days after Aqsa left.
I guess her “words of advice” did a magic on my husband.

He came home more early, acted nicer than before, and even brought me breakfast in bed during weekends.
His mum?
Finally left after some persuasion from him.
I started to feel like I could actually give this marriage a chance to work out.

Not like I was falling for my husband or anything.
I’d NEVER fall in love quite easily.
We were just “friends with benefits”.
Until I find a loophole and decide to call off the marriage.

Take it or leave it, arranged marriages in unfavourable conditions were a sham.

Those moments were ones I’d grown to cherish though.
The way we’d dance round the house while conducting house chores, praying Tahjud (mid-might prayer) together, and sometimes even cooking together.
It was so much fun.

To outsiders, we were a cute couple in love.
To family, we were trying to find our feet in the world of marriage.
To us,the two victims of the marriage, na different story.

It was the calm before the storm.

Mus’ab had travelled out of Lagos for a week and he hadn’t reached out to me after he landed at his final destination, Abuja.
I just hoped he hadn’t forgotten the Abaya gowns and veils I asked him to get for me.
A week passed.
Two weeks.

Person wey get accident sef, im news go don reach person.
Not like I missed him or anything.

After trying his phone for the umpteenth time that Saturday morning, I tried his mother’s line but the difficult soul of a woman never picked my calls after she left.
I wonder what I ever did sha.

I knew what to do.
The next minutes saw me booking a flight to Abuja while the next hour had me packing a small duffel bag and locking the house.
I was going to look for my husband and give him the nagging of his life.

Soon enough I was at the airport and after checking in, I headed to the departure lounge.

I thought I saw someone that looked like me but before I could check again she wasn’t at the spot.
I shrugged.
Must be my eyes playing tricks cus Lord knows I haven’t used my eye medication in months.
Who needs it anyway?

“Announcement. This is Air Peace flight A4732 calling all passengers headed to Abuja to please use the gateway to board the plane. Announcement…”

Ooooooh that’s my flight.
Husby, here I come!


“Welcome to NnamdiAzikiwe Airport Abuja. It’s 26°C out there. Do well to keep warm and stay safe. On behalf of the cabin crew and Captain James, we wish you a lovely stay here.”

I scoffed
Lovely stay huh?
We’ll see.

It was night time and from the breeze and the little I knew about Abuja from my stay there, I’d say it would rain soon.

I called Aqsa to come pick me up from the airport as soon as we landed but the duffer must have been fast asleep.

Who gets in bed few minutes past 8 for God’s sake??

I needed to find a hotel and fast.
The rain seemed to be closing in.
Picking up my bag, I headed out of the airport.

We meet again.


“What do you mean all rooms have  been booked???”
“We’re sorry ma’am but there’s no room left .”
I scoffed
“This is a five freaking star hotel young lady. Rooms are not supposed to be finished in places like this! Isn’t there a basement or somewhere I could lay my head on for the night??”

The poor receptionist shook her head.
“What the hell is wrong with all of you!!!? Three hotels this night and you’re all booked up!!?? Do you think it’s that easy plying the roads of Abuja huh???”

She sighed
“I’m sorry ma but it’s the weekend.”
“So how is that….”, my retort was drowned out by the appearance of a classy looking Muslim lady who by the look on her face seemed to be surprised seeing a veiled Muslim woman acting so outspoken.

“Salaam sister. I’m sorry I couldn’t help but listen in on your conversation. You don’t live here, do you?”
I shook my head.
She gave a warm almost pitiful smile.
“That explains it then. Saturday nights in hotels are usually crammed up. Couples coming for honeymoon, birthday parties, clubbing, all sorts of celebrations take place.”
I snorted

“Here’s what’ll happen. I booked a suite for my sibling and I but we can share a room while you have the other room to yourself for the night. If that’s fine by you ofcourse.”

I smiled even though she couldn’t see it.

“Jazakhallah sister….”
“Rana. Rana Abdul-Hamid.”
“Jazakhallah sister Rana. I really appreciate this.”
“Not to mention. The Prophet beseeched us to help a brother in need.”
“But still, thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”

She picked my bag.
“Come on.”
I turned back to the receptionist and gave her the killer look as I lifted my veil for her to see my face.
Her widened eyes made my night as I giggled and trailed behind Rana.


The red flag.
Why now!?

I’m not even with any sanitary pad.
Ya Allah this is so embarrassing.

A knock on the door made me jump.
“Just a second!”

I opened the door to reveal a pleasant looking Rana.
“Salaamualaykum Tisha. Khayfa?”
“Alhamdulillah. Thanks for having me here. “
“I already told you, it’s fine…is that blood on the bed sheets in your hands?”

For some reason, she looked shocked.

“Uhhhh yeah. I’m so sorry I was about to wash it when you knocked. I wasn’t prepared for it.”
“No it’s fine sister. I’m a lady too. And luckily, I packed some for my trip. Let me go get you some.”

I sighed in relief.
“Oh thank you.”
She groaned
“For the last time, you’re welcome.”


Aqsa yelled as soon as my fist connected with her head.

“Did you really have to do that??”
“You left me stranded!”
“You didn’t even tell me you were coming!”
“You were supposed to know!”
“You’ve got a phone don’t you??”
“You’ve got a phone don’t you??”,she mimicked.

“I hate you.”
“Same here Tee-shirt. Same here.”
I glared at her.
“Don’t you dare call me that.”
She opened her door wider to allow me come inside.
“Or what?”
“I’m gonna do this!”

I yell as I jump at her to give her a choking hug.
“T-ish-a?? I’m choking he-re!”
“Can’t hear youuuu!”
“I said I’m choking!!”
“Ain’t that the whole point of the hug??”, I smirked as I released her.
“Walahi you’re crazy.”
“Missed you too b.”

I could feel her glare as she followed me to her kitchen.
“What what?”
“Why are you following me?”
“Inside my house??”
“Yours and mine.”

She smacked her hand against her forehead.
“God dealing with you gives me a migraine.”
I chuckled
“You could as well throw me out now.”
“Very soon. After you tell me why you are here in the first place.”


We were catching up when my phone rang.
“Speak of the devil”, I muttered.
“Is that him?”, she asked.
“No, the real devil.”
She just shook her head and continued with her vegetables.
I could hear her muttering on how she’d like to throw me into the Atlantic soon.

What can I say?
We love each other!

I picked the call on the fourth ring.

“Where are you??”, we both asked at the same time.
There was silence for a while  before he decided to speak up.
“Where are you?”, something was off in his tone.

“Abuja. You?”

The heck!

You likey?

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