“No don’t give her an answer. We are leaving.”
She dragged me away.
“Aqsa what are you doing?? That’s my mother-in-law you just tre_”
I was cut short by the veil she threw at me.
“Chill madam. I no kidnap una. Na outing we dey go.”
“But you said we were leaving….”
“Yeah duh. Leaving the kitchen. Ya Allah that woman needs to take a bath in the Atlantic. I was chokingggggg.”
I snickered before sobering.

“Haba Aq it’s not that bad nau.”
She hissed before picking her bag from the couch.

“Shall we?”


“That was fun! Let’s do it sometime again.”
I flopped unto the couch as soon as I stepped in through the door.
“See who is talking. I thought you didn’t want to leave your oh-so-motherly in law.”
I wasn’t given a chance to reply before Mus’ab walked in.
I had texted him earlier about my outing with Aqsa and we made a bet on who was getting back home first.

We were kinda on a peace treaty for now and I’d like it to stay that way.
His eyes lit up as soon as they landed on me.
Or perhaps I was just imagining rubbish.
“Salaamualaykum Tish.”
Again, I wasn’t chanced to reply before my bug of a friend interjected.
“Walaykum salaam….Mus’ab I presume?”

He seemed to have just noticed her presence in his room and looked taken aback for some reason.
“Yes I’m Mus’ab. I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage…..lady whose name I do not know?”

If that was supposed to make her smile then I’m afraid my poor husband didn’t know what was in store for him.
She did smile alright.
That creepy kind of smile.

“Aqsa. Aqsa Abdullah. Friend of Tisha. No scratch that. Best friend she ever had.”
She raised a hand to stop him.
“I wasn’t done yet.”
She turned to me.
“He’s not bad looking for a young CEO yunno.”

I was sure my face had gone a shade redder.

She faced him back.
“Well I hope you’re as good looking upstairs as you look physically.”
She awarded him a scrutinizing look.

“I sure hope you’re smart enough to know you got yourself a prize you don’t deserve. But then, it’s not too late. To keep this prize, you’ve got to use your head and heart together. You’ve got to trust this prize and cherish her. Cus you know why? Once you let go,she’s never coming back. Ever again. Not in this life. Not in Jannah.”

In all my years of knowing Aqsa, never had I ever seen her that serious.
Not even when she got herself in a tango situation with cultists back then in school.

Looking up from my suddenly interesting feet, I cleared my throat.
“Um babe. I think he gets it.”
He was quick to back me up on that.

“Yes I do. Cherish and trust her. Noted. Now can I please excuse you two?”

Ooooohhhhh someone seems scared.

She gave a nod and he made a run for the stairs.
Halfway through his escape, the drama rat called out his name.
“Yes?”,he turned. Dread dripping in his voice.
She gave one of the sweetest smiles EVER.
“She’s my best friend. Break her heart. I’ll break your face. I promise.”

With a solemn nod, he continued his journey.

I released the breath I didn’t realize I was holding.
A pinch on the arm was what she needed and I gladly gave it to her.

“Oww! What was that for??”
“Scaring the poor guy to death. You should see your face when you make a threat.”
She grinned
“I looked like a badass CIA agent shey?”
“Nopeeee. What you looked like, my dear friend is a lab rat.”
She threw a pillow at me.
“Spoil sport.”
“I love you too.”

A ding from her phone reminded us of the Uber she had ordered to take her to the airport.
Apparently she had been in Lagos for the past two weeks and had spent half of the time searching for my whereabouts.
She had gone to my parents home for five days straight but kept on being declined access inside until she was told  I had travelled out of the country and wouldn’t be back for two years.

What a sham.

She then claimed to have used her intellect quotient to remember the friendship earrings we both owned, was embedded with trackers built by her very own crafty hands.
What can I say?
Graduating as one of the top robotics students had it’s advantages.
We had access to gadgets most students didn’t have and we surely used them to the very best of our knowledge.

Sha, she used the earrings to pinpoint my location and ran here. (According to her)

Pulling me into a bear hug, we stayed that way for a while before the annoying ringtone of her phone snapped us out.

She picked it with a snarl, “I’ll be outside in two minutes oga. Chill na me dey pay abeg.”

I heard a sniff
“Are you….are you crying??”
She swiped at her face.
“Nooo I think there’s an onion in here or somethi….hey are YOU crying??”
“No I think the onion is starting to affect me too.”

She pulled a sad smile.
“Onion it is then.”
She looked serious again.
“Remember who you are Tisha. An annoying troll who never lets anyone cheat on her intelligence and morals. I know living here kind of reeks but then, if this is where you’re destined by the Almighty to spend the rest of your life, I assure you it’s___it’s gonna get easier with time.”
Now we were both crying openly but the stupid girl always knew how to spoil a perfectly sober moment.
“Who knows? You might both end up falling in love and I’d be there when you  fall into labour and I’d raise your beautiful beautiful triplets to be like me and I’d…..”

“You’re going to miss your flight.”
“Oh right. The stupid flight.”
I chuckled
“Come here.”

One last hug and she got into the Uber waving till the car made a turn.

“I am coming back Chicken!”
She screamed into the wind.

And there went my best friend.
I felt all alone.
Little did I know my life was about to take a turn I never anticipated.

I fell for my husband and we had some rough patches here and there but our love prevailed?
Far from it.

Pen up!
Or is it down?☺

What are your thoughts on Aqsa?
And Tisha?
And Mus’ab?
And…..the story line as a whole?🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

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