Ummi was giving this ‘You had better fake emotions else I’m gonna deal with you’ look throughout the ceremony.

Walahi I’m not doing anything
One thing was to stand in front of a bunch of people I didn’t know and faking to be in love.
Another thing was to fake emotions.
I’m even using Niqab for crying out loud!

“Damn you’re stone hearted”, HE whispered in my ears.
“And you’re rock hearted I suppose?”, I fired back.
I sighted Ummi looking at us closely.
The look on her face was bright enough to light a room.

Let’s leave her to her assumptions.


I’m married to a stranger.

Mrs Abd’Rahman
Totally strange and foreign
So used to having a Yoruba surname instead.
God I need a chocolate bar.

We walked through a flower path that lead to the car arranged to convey us to his home.
Our home

Just as I moved another inch away from him to put in as much space between us as possible, he pulled me back gently.
And this time, wrapped an arm around me.
I glared up at him but he seemed to be enjoying himself all the more.

“Awwww aren’t they the cutest thing”, the woman I’d come to know as his mum cooed from behind.
It took all for me not to snap at her and tell her to ask her son to keep his hands to himself.

I kept my head straight up instead.
I’ve got other bigger things to deal with.

“So, this is your bedroom”, Mus’ab said as he opened the door to a cute looking room.
I must admit, whoever did the interior decor of this place is good.
Really good.
I mean, the room totally screams ME.

Not wanting to reveal my pleasure, I steeled my voice, turned to him.
“Thank you for your unnecessary hospitality.”
I left him standing to walk towards a door I assumed to lead to the bathroom.

The audible click of the lock somewhat calmed me.
Dragging my feet towards the mirror, I lifted my veil.
God I hate make up.


The blaring sound of my alarm got me opening my eyes to a set of brown eyes staring at me.
I yelped as I practically hopped from the bed.

“WHAT are you doing in my room??!!”
“You’re pretty”
“Get out.”

He raised a brow
“Uh last I checked, this was our room.”
I scoff
“Last I CHECKED, you said this was MY room.”
“Your room, my room, OUR room princess. Get used to it okay?”
“You wish.”

I grabbed a pillow and blanket from the pile on the bed .
He can have the room to himself.
” Where are you going?”
” Non of your business”
He chuckled
Gosh stop doing that!
” Why?”
Wait did I say that loud??
” Yes princess”
I groaned
” S-h-u-t u-p”

I attempted opening the door only to find it locked.
Doing a 360 degree routine, I turned to find him dangling a bunch of keys from his hands with a smug smile.
The nerves!
“Now you listen to me Mr. I wouldn’t have you and my mother disrupt my life and also disrupt my personal space. Have some self respect. What you expect me to sleep on the same bed as you when I don’t even know half about you. For all I care you could be a pyscho serial killer or something. You must be in a delusion if you think this sham of a marriage is ever going to work.”

I swallowed, “You’re gonna hand over those keys right now and let me out.”

He sighed
“Tisha I can’t let you out. First off, you’re a Niqabi. It’s our wedding and there are males outside this room. So imagine how it would look if you came out of your marital bedroom in nothing but pyjamas and an exposed face. FYI tigress,we didn’t share a bed last night. I took the couch. “


He smiled, “Secondly, I don’t know what you’re thinking but you ALREADY slept so I don’t know what you’re going out to do with that pillow and blanket”

“To strangle and suffocate you”, I replied humorlessly.

He laughed
“Tell you what wifey, imma tell you all you need to know over breakfast. That’s IF you promise not to strangle me.”


” So, what you’re telling me is you didn’t choose to get married also but didn’t have a choice than to listen to your mum?”
He nodded
“Our mothers are pains in the flesh!”
He shrugged, ” Hakuna Matata Tigress. There was nothing I could do and rather than sulk like somebody here, I am very much enjoying myself.”

I glared at him

” You’re a man. You practically give no care in the world. And you’re what? 24. You’ve got a company under you. I AM 21. I JUST GRADUATED AND STILL SERVING MY FATHERLAND. So don’t you dare accuse me of not being happy with this marriage for no reason.”

His lips quirked up in a pity like smile.
“How did you know I have a company under me?”
” Mum.”
” Right, mum.”


” You know, what I just don’t understand is why she’d force me into marriage. I know Islam advices early marriages and all but this is still out of line.”

He shrugged.

” My mum sure thought I should get married in order not to stray“, he said while air quoting the last word.
” So, I’m stuck with you? “
” Yup”
I bit my lower lip, ” Meaning we have to make this work??”
” Still yup”
” Quick question though Mus’ab”
He nodded in approval
” Why did you agree to get married to a Niqabi? I could be as ugly as…well anything ugly you conjure up. But you still agreed to get married to me. Why? “

He smiles, a beautiful one this time.
” I took my chances”
” Excuse me? “
” Well you see, my mother wouldn’t get me married to a skunk in the first place and since she already saw your face, I knew I had no problem. Truth be told, I am glad I didn’t get disappointed. You’re as pretty as the dawn itself”

I choked.
On my juice.
He laughed out loud while I glare at him.
” Don’t you ever do that EVER again”
With a sheepish look he asked,” Do what? “
” Say something cheesy while I’m eating.”
” Why? Never had a gorgeous man compliment you before? “

I was sure my face had gone a shade redder than it’s original color.

” Mus’ab? “
We looked up to find his mum standing by the doorway to the private dining room with a package in hand.
“Yes Ummi?”
“You’ve got a gift from your aunt, come check it out.”

He stood up to follow her out.
” Salaamualykum ma”, I chimed in quietly.
She looked back at me briefly before following her son out .

Am I invisible or what??

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