Heroes Of Meisel – 8

Heroes Of Meisel – 8

The bus stopped at the front of the school’s gate.
After alighting, the driver called me aside.
“My dear, please take care of yourself. I noticed something was bothering you with the way you were walking earlier but please don’t let it get into your studies okay? “.
Awwwwwn, who knew some people could be this nice?
“Thank you very much sir. I’ll be more careful.”
“Bye and good luck.”
And with that he sped off.
“So he called you aside just to talk to you and left without giving you money???”
Oh God I totally forgot about this girl.
“Huh yes. Is there anything wrong with that?”
Instead of replying she touched my neck for a while.
“Chaiii, your body temperature proves my thought right.”
Nigerians 😒
“Whatever okay? I wasn’t brought up to expect things from nice strangers.”, I replied while heading into the school.
She came running after me.
“Okay fine. Guess that was rude. I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine. I’m sorry I snapped.”
“O ga oo, somebody cannot play with you again”, she said while playfully nudging my elbow.
I smiled, seriously she needs to teach me some of these Yoruba phrases.
“Okay then. See you in class.”
And with that, she ran off to a direction I presumed was the assembly ground.

Okay now what?
I didn’t think this through, how am I supposed to register in a school without a parent???
The sound of air escaping brought me out of my thoughts.
I looked up to see a boy my age pricking what I’m assuming is a teacher’s car tire.
He looked up and ignored me before resuming what he was doing. Obviously he has real guts to be able to carry out the act and probably doesn’t see me as a threat.
Boys 😒😒.
I walked over to him, tapped him on the shoulder continuously but he didn’t seem to feel anything until I slapped his face.
The look on his face looked as if he was going to murder me any moment.
“Who do you think you are!!!???!!”
“Gemma. Gemma Anderson. Nice meeting you.”
Honestly if looks could kill I’d be dead by now.
“I didn’t ask for your name. If what I was doing wasn’t so important right now, I’d beat the living day lights out of you.”
I laughed really hard, moved closer to him and looked him at the eye.
“Say that again.”
Apparently he wasn’t expecting that so he moved backwards before seeming to regain his bully self.
“Obviously you don’t know who I am and probably a new student.”
“I’m leaving you alone for now but WATCH YOUR BACK.”
C’moooon I’m tired of these stupid threats here and there.
“What do you mean by no?”
“Watch your back instead.Before you ask why, look behind you.”, I replied with a smirk.
Apparently we didn’t notice the presence of two teachers until I perceived a perfume and looked behind the guy to see a male and female teacher watching us.
I was getting tired of those dumb words of exchange already.
I hate being in a disagreement for too long.
“Time up young man.You and your cohorts have been committing these atrocities far too long. Mr Akin, please take him to the vice principal.”, the woman said with a hint of anger in her voice.
The man looked at me briefly with a look of appreciation before pulling the boy away by his ears.
She turned to me.
“What’s your name young lady?”
“Gemma Anderson ma.”
“I’m sure you are here for registration so where’s your mum?”
One minute ☝
Two minutes ✌
Three minutes 👌
“I’m sure you are neither deaf nor dumb young lady, where are your parents or where is your mum?”
This time her voice wasn’t sounding very much gentle.
Without thinking I blurted out my next set of words, “My mum is dead and my dad is an irresponsible man so he dropped me off at an orphanage when I was 13 and I’ve never heard from him ever since!!! “

What in the world 🌏 have I done????
I covered my mouth with both hands after saying that rubbish.
Seriously I need to find out where these lies are coming from 😣😣


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