Heroes Of Meisel-7

Heroes Of Meisel-7

I kept on walking until the sun was up.
Judging with the weird looks I’m getting from people around, I guess I look like a mess.
Luckily I looked around and found a mini boutique.
I went into it, spoke with the attendant, got two pairs of clothes, changed into one pair which consisted of a jean skirt and shirt, paid and went back into the sun.
One moment I was glancing at my watch to see how far I was from my ‘friends’, the next moment I heard “Oloshi!!! O fe koba mi.”
I looked up to see an angry looking driver jump out of his bus and advanced towards me.
Looking around, I realized I was standing at the the middle of the road.
“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t realize I was on the main road.”
I guess he wasn’t expecting me to apologize due to the look on his face.
“It’s alright, but next time be more careful.”
Wow after raining those Yoruba curses on me, he speaks English.
What will I not see in this Nigeria 🇳🇬 like this??
“Thank you sir”.
“You are welcome. Where are you heading to?”
“Huh… School?”
Where did that come from??
It’s obvious I’m not even dressed for school.
“Okay, A+ academy right?”
“Yes sir.”
“Hop in.”
“Thank you sir.”
“Bawo ni?”, the girl sitting beside me in the bus said.
I looked at her blandly
“Oh, I guess you don’t understand Yoruba.”
“Yes I don’t.”
“I meant how are you?”
“Oh, I’m fine thanks.”
“You did well by apologizing to the driver earlier on. You know, most teenagers around here are that respectful.”
So that’s why he was shocked.
And that fish head called me a rude girl.
Take that fish😋😋 ( wherever you are).
“It’s nothing. I’m Ada by name. What’s yours?”
“Unique name.”
“Thank you.”
“Always welcome.”
“Back to our discussion, the driver shocked me when he spoke in English correctly oo. What more than half of us here were expecting something like shey you no dey see road? Small pikin like you, you don dey think too hard.”
I couldn’t help but laugh 😄 😄
“Sorry what’s pikin?”
“Yeah, that’s the beauty of pidgin language. Anyway, what class are you in?”
“Really? I’m also in SS2. Art department though.”
“I’m a science student.”
“Cool. Judging from your accent, you are a posh kid right?”
I smiled
If only she knew.
“Something like that.”
“Okay so I guess you are heading to my school to register ba?”
“Yeah, guess I’ll be seeing you around then.”
“Sure thing, so how……… “
On and on and on.
Question upon question ❔ ❔
Way to go Gem, first friend happens to be a talkative.
I like her that way though.


  1. Gift

    June 7, 2020

    Keep it coming.😉😉

  2. Pelumi

    June 17, 2020

    Will Gemma get registered in a school?

  3. Taiwo

    June 21, 2020

    Can’t wait to continue reading..

  4. Asabe Abana

    July 6, 2020

    Weldone dear.
    Keep it coming

  5. Abdullah

    July 10, 2020

    Keep them coming very nice Ss Abeedah

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