Heroes Of Meisel-5

Heroes Of Meisel-5

Heroes Of Meisel-5

“Serves you right kid”
Come on!!!
I thought all that had happened was just a dream😔
Not until I heard that annoying voice.
The van had stopped abruptly which was the cause of me bumping my head against the hand of the metal table I used as my support.
“Whatever, where are we?”
“Lagos state”
Wow, I must have slept for hours.
“Yes you did”.
Come on!
I totally forgot about this guy’s ability to read my mind.

“We shall be camping here for the night 🌚”, he said to me moments later.
“I didn’t ask you for that”
“High time you get that sassy attitude out of your system princess. The earlier the better”
“Oh really? So YOU think you can keep ME hostage and expect ME to cooperate with YOU?? Think again fish head, the earlier you realize I won’t stop being rude, the better”

Two minutes later, his friends came to check on us. They spoke with him for a few seconds before closing the door again.
I’m not one to let an opportunity slip by without grabbing it.
Since I noticed he was engrossed in his talk for a while, I scanned through the room with a quick change of plan formulating in my head.
¶Wristwatch = Cash = Backpack = Trick = Escape¶
Sounds easy.
Okay Gem don’t think, just act.
Here goes……
“Hey you “.
“What do you want? “
“Could you PLEASE help me reach the other side of the van? “
“I’m tired of staying in the same position for the past few hours. So would you PLEASE get me to the other side?”
“Okay, for the fact that you requested politely I’ll grant it”
Why is this guy so dumb?

A few minutes later, I was at the targeted place.
While he backed me to get a drink, I tried using my legs to pull the watch from where it was hung on a stand.
Jussstttt a litttleeee more stretch…….But clumsy me couldn’t get it right.
I pulled the whole stand down.
It’s whole contents fell on him.

Way to go clumsy pants, plan ruined.
Well…. Not totally ruined 😏
It would take him at least five minutes to get the heavy metals off his face before freeing his entire body.
So in total….. I’ve got ten minutes maximum to escape.
I quickly used a needle like tool to get rid of the cuffs, grabbed two wristwatches instead of one, took the cash and stuffed it into the backpack.
One more thing….. I took some drinks 🍹.
Who knows, I could get really thirsty.
I quickly unlocked the the door, jumped out and locked it from the outside with a rope I found.
That should keep him busy.
Now what next?
I looked around and realized I was at the entrance of some sort of Estate.
Looking up,I read “Welcome to Abesan low cost housing estate”
Weird name
What was I even thinking of???
I was about to escape into an estate and I was still rating the name.
Without looking back, I ran inside and kept on running for about ten minutes until I found an abandoned shop.

I knew his partners would have returned and are probably trying to find me at the moment.
I took out one of the watches and worked on some of it’s settings before wearing it on my left hand.
5,4,3,2,1….. “Camouflage activated”

Time to get a permanent hideout.


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    July 19, 2020

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