Heroes Of Meisel-3

Heroes Of Meisel-3

“Let me go you wimp!!!!”,I said as I struggled against one of my aunt’s men

“Not a chance princess”

The way he said princess makes me sick

Wondering what’s happening? Don’t worry I’ll explain later but for now,let’s focus on me escaping from these guys.

There are about 5 men here if I’m not mistaken,which I’m sure I’m not.

Taking them down should be easy

Don’t look at me like that,the fact that I’m a girl doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to take down 5 men.

Okay so where were we?

Yeah I was about to get down to escaping but I guess that’ll have to wait till further notice because it seems they are really alert now and I have a chance of less than 50% successful escape……”Owww!!! What was that for?”,I asked the fish head angrily as he caused me to hit my head against their van’s backdoor.

Instead of a response I got a shove

Seriously he needs a serious whack on the head

Before I could say any other thing the door was closed,thinking I would be left alone there ,I decided to start devising a  plan only for me to realize the presence of someone else.

Another fish head to be exact ,great there’s 6 of them”

“Hold your hands out”,he commanded”

“And you are?”

“A fish,just shut up and do as I said”

Oh really? He wants to go all bossy huh? Wrong girl dude

“Call me dude in that babyish mind of yours again and regret it”

OMG he can read my mind,that’s why they assigned him to host me behind the van in case I think of an escape

“You are pretty smart for a kid your age.Now do as I say and do not even think of escaping”

“Ok fine,your majesty”,I replied mockingly while I held out my hands for him to handcuff.

“Good girl”,he said as he imprisoned my hands into those wicked looking cuffs.

“Jeez since I can no longer have my very own cherished luxury of “childish” thoughts let me just ask this very unique question”

“Alright kid,go on”

“Any special reason why you call me that?”

“Call you what kid?”

“Call me that”

“Call you what kid?”

“Call me that”

By the time we repeated the same set of words for over 7 times baba’s face looked like he could use some iceblock on his gills. Yuck

Where did I get to know the word Baba from anyway? Guess that just comes from being in the company of a Yoruba boy on my way to the school when I first arrived Abuja.The boy kept on calling his father that so I guess that’s the word for father in their language and honestly this man here looked like he could use the word well to his advantage.

…..I was expecting him to tell me what I was thinking but I guess he could hardly get a grip of his own thoughts not to talk of accessing mine. Experiment successful,wohoo!!

If you already know what I plan on doing then you are my new bestfriend.Eddy sorry but we’ll continue our friendship when next we see.


  1. Sakinah

    May 23, 2020

    Really impressive story.
    Expecting more oo

  2. Farhan

    July 19, 2020


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