Heroes Of Meisel-2

Heroes Of Meisel-2

Kelsey showed me my room and after she left I collapsed on the bed immediately.

I woke up to the sound of music from the living room downstairs.

With a groan, I stood up from the couch I had fallen asleep on trying to straighten my


Why I slept there, I don’t know.

As I bent to smoothen a crease on my shirt, the pendant gem 💎 on my neck fell off.

Thought that was supposed to be glued.

I thought what happened next was a illusion as a light illuminated the room and I saw my own mother sitting on the bare floor.

Fada lord help snitch when I lay my hands on her.

Sorry about my choice of words.

“Mum”, I whispered, not trusting my voice to speak.

“Merliah, thank goodness you are  okay”

“Can you see me?? “, I asked in serious disbelief

“Sure I can, the gem is connected to me somehow. My Grandmother gifted you the day you we’re born. “

“Momma I miss you so much,now I’m never going to take your hugs for granted ever again “

She smiled, gosh I miss her so muchhhh

“Edwin returned not quite long ago and I must say, you’ve gotten an actor as a bestie Merliah”

Awwwwwn, Ed would be freakingly happy to hear this. Momma hardly compliments people openly.

“I’m so glad and relieved he’s alright. And now I have a way of communicating with you “

“Not so fast sweetie, the gem connects with me only when my mind is empty “

Great, just when you think things are working out fine for you 😒

“So you’re saying… “

“That the only time we can talk is when my mind and your mind are empty and focused. But not to worry, I sense it a few minutes before it connects to me so I’ll try to focus on not thinking at all. The effort would zap my energy but it’s worth the pain”

Geez I really wanna know how this thing works.

“I’ll try to reserve using it unless I really need  to speak to you”

“That’s thoughtful of you. Remember be brave, strong and bold. I didn’t raise you to be a weakling and you know it. Just don’t try anything stupid. I have to go now, Drea is on her way “

“Okay mum, take care “, I baded literally drawing a painful smile from my lips.

“You too baby girl”

And with that, the light in the room went back to normal.

I feel like I weigh a ton, guess that’s the gem’s side effect she was talking about.

With a sigh I opened the door to head downstairs but stumbled upon a wall.

Okay so maybe that’s not a wall but a guy’s chest but that’s what it seemed to me initially.

“Hey watch it “, a voice I’d describe as down right intimidating snapped.

“No, you watch it”, I said as I looked up to the annoying owner.

“I think you are damn crazy girl, one moment you are  speaking in a weird language to God knows who and the next you’re at the door speaking in English “

Okay I forgot to tell you the language we speak in Meisel is totally different and I can adapt to any other language which is why I speak English fluently but did this dude just refer to my language as WEIRD?!!!

I took in a deeep breath.

“Okay first things first, its not right to eavesdrop on people’s conversations OUTSIDE their bedroom first and secondly I wasn’t speaking with anyone, it was a prayer in my language “

Wow, way to go Liah. Where did that come from??

“Oh really?”,he asked with disbelief clearly written on his face.

“Yeah,whether you believe me or not I don’t care”

“We shall see”

Ok what’s with this dude’s attitude??

“Why were you snooping around in the first place?”

“I wasn’t snooping stupid,I was asked to bring you downstairs for dinner”

“Oh I see,should have known you were sent.You don’t look nice enough to call anyone on your own will”

Ouch,guess that should have stopped him but clearly he doesn’t have an iota of conscience

“Oh please,save the sass talk for Kelsey,she’s the one who needs someone like you to banter with”

What am I even still doing here standing to a guy who’s ego is obviously bigger than his brain.I left him standing and headed downstairs following the music.

“Cool,you are here already”,I looked up to find  three pairs of eyes checking me out.


“She’s not looking bad”,a girl who looked a year older said.

“Taylor Stewart,Humanities”

Guess she doesn’t talk much.

Then another girl came forward

“I’m Alicia Noah”

Woah,she has one helluva pretty British accent.

A tall dark guy came forward

“Nick Dela Rosa”

Then Kelsey came forward

“And as you already know,Kelsey Harper.ONE AND ONLY”

All eyes turned on the last guy who I hadn’t noticed already entered the room.

“Geez do I really have to tell her my name??

She’s a freak”

Did this creep just call me a freak???

Someone get me a sledgehammer.

“Ok guys that’s enough”,Kelsey said trying to come in between I and the SOB as I had already moved to his front and we were having a somewhat glaring contest.Seriously who does he think he is??

“Merrick you shouldn’t call someone you just met a freak”,Taylor chided

“Oh she’s a freak alright and I have the right to say anything I want”

“So do I have the right to fling you across the room right now”,I said out of anger.

But wait,where did the flinging idea come from??

“You see? I told you,she’s not only a freak but a weirdo.What lady in her right senses would try to fling a guy heavier than her ACROSS A FREAKING ROOM”

“She said that out of anger”,Alicia put in.

God bless this princess.

“You know what,whether you think she’s a freak or not it’s non of your business.Keep your ideas and thoughts to yourself”,Taylor said with a final note.

I love this girl already

“Now that’s over,introduce yourself properly”,he seemed to intend to decline but when she said “Or I’d personally report you to the Principal and you know what that means,coming from a senior like me”

That shut him up for good

“Merrick Valdez,Science department”

Ok so me sharing an apartment with this dude is worse enough but US sharing the same class????

Who did I offend???


“This is your time table Gemma,Merrick will take be your escort to the campus this morning since you both are in the same class”

Taylor’s words kept ringing in my ears like an echo after she and others left the house.

How will I survive with him????

We’d kill each other.

He hasn’t even been down since breakfast.

Atleast that was what I thought until I saw a shadow beside a kitchen stool.



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