Heroes Of Meisel-14

Heroes Of Meisel-14

“…and you haven’t explained what that punk wanted from you plus I do not have a single idea of what you are doing or where you are driving to but believe me I’m dying to so know however I believe when the time comes you will explain but before that why would you keep such a secret from me because last I checked we were never meant to keep secrets away from one another so I really do not know how…”

She’s been rattling off for the past few hours
I can’t leave her behind else they’ll find her and harm her but I don’t think I can stand a word from her any longer.
With a jerk, the car skidded to a halt as I brutally kicked in the brakes.
She gave me a look that loudly said, “Are you nuts???”

“Get out”,I mutter
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me Ada, get out.”
“Gem you sure you’re okay?”
Damn why does she have to make it so hard.
Why can’t she just do what typical girls do in a situation like this where they shut up, cry and get OUT.
“There’s a bus park on the other side of the road where you can find a bus going back home.”
“You know you’re just stressing yourself right?”, she asks with a smirk.
“Please leave.”
“Okay!”, she unlocks the door on her side and gets out.

Oh well that was easy.
I sigh as I place my head against the steering.
5,4,3,2,1 second later I felt myself yanked out of the car.
“Ada I thought I asked you to…”, I wasn’t able to complete my sentence before she pulls me in a bear hug.

Oh no
No no no not now
Please do not resurface
Useless“, I hear the voice say
Oh well, it’s right
I can feel my hands getting warmer
My head growing hotter

“Ada”, I mumble with the last of my restraint.
“Shhhh just let yourself sink through. Relax….. wait are your hands hot?”

“Arrrrrghhhhh!!!!!”, I yell as I shove her away from me as fast as possible, clutching my head.
“Merliah. Please do NOT resurface now. At least not until we get home. I know you are angry and hurt, I am too but this is not the place to vent that anger on. The people here are innocent please!!!”

“Gemma are you okay?”, Ada asks as she cautiously steps forward towards me.
What’s with this girl and danger??!!!
“Ada stay back”
She scoffs, “From what exactly? You? Come on why are you speaking to your own self??”

Let me out princess. She would serve as a tasty victim.”
“Shut up!”
“Oh well, I guess I just have to get out the hard way. It would be great taking over your body once again.”
I can hear the smirk in her voice
The last time I allowed her to take complete possession of my body the end result wasn’t a sight I would want my child to have a peek of.
“Merliah do not forget you and I are on the same team here. You want some fighting? Wait till we encounter real trouble. Leave my best friend out of this.”, I manage to mutter, knees on the ground, head clutched in my hands. I slump.


“Oh lord”, I moan as I try getting up.
I slump back on the bed.
Wait where am I?
“In a hotel”
Yikes I thought that was all a dream.
“Wrong thought princess”
Stop calling me that Li.
“Do NOT call me Li”
Then stop calling me princess, Li.
“You’re lucky you got through to me before passing out else your friend would have been in pieces right now.”
I jerk up in alarm as the events of the past hour came crashing down in my head.
Where is Ada?
“Oh she went out to get you dinner. Lovely friend you have there.”
Shut up
“Whatever. You’ve got approximately three hours before the Meiselian backup track you down. WHICH is cool for me since I’m thirsty for bloodshed.”
Get out of my head Li.
“Sksksksks do we really have to go over this again young lady. You are me, I am you. Get that into your head.”
Why then are you just resurfacing huh?

I tried to summon you for months but little miss Merliah went of the radar. Those months when I could really use your anger and hate you abandoned me.
Then now you are all over my head claiming to yearn bloodshed.
Well listen to me,no fighting until WE get out of here.
Stay in there until I say it’s fine to take over.
DO NOT try to take possession forcefully ever again like you did earlier or else you’d end up killing us both.

“Fine, whatever. You are the boss.”

“Hm so she’s why you almost threw me out of the car. To protect me.”
Startled, I look up to find Ada walking in with a tray.
Rather than giving an answer to that, I manage to get up and reach out for the tray, “Yum, food.”
Neither of us say anything for a while as I eat.

However she breaks the ice first
“Listen Gem, Merliah, whichever one you are. Your presence in my life these past months gave it a meaning.
What everyone sees is that rude talkative, but you stomach it all and still open your heart to listen to my rambles. You aren’t just a friend to me.
You are my best friend and nothing would ever change that. Please. Let me help you.”

A noise from the outside spoils the moment.
We scuttle over to the window to see what is happening.
Armed men.
Heavily armed men are seen beating up anyone they can find in sight.
Wait a minute.

I recognize that symbol on their shoulders.
“Uh oh.”
“What? You know them??”
I rush over to where she kept my backpack and started packing our stuffs into it while replying, “They are men from my home sent by my aunt to get me. We have to get to the airport right away.”
I throw her the spare watch I took months ago.
“Wear that, it’ll hide our location for about two hours. Merliah said they were gonna find me in three hours but it seems they are really desperate. Come on let’s get out of here.”

I screech to a halt as we get to the room’s door.
They are on this floor.
“Not through the door,we are using the window.”
After the necessary speedy screwing and unscrewing of screws, the window was ready to be used.
“You go first.”
As she was about to slip down the rope we found, I whisper her name.
She looks up to me quizzically
“Thank you”, I whisper.
She nods and slides down into the night’s cover.

“I’m coming home familia”, I mutter as I make my move.


It’s the holidays again dear student readers!!!
How have you been…..kicking some knowledge into your heads I presume.
Hehe we’ve come to the end of H.O.M Sequel One.
Enjoy the rest of your week 💖


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