Heroes Of Meisel- 13

Heroes Of Meisel- 13

“Good morning aunt Du__”, I stopped dead on my tracks on seeing the so called nephew that was supposed to arrive today.

What in the world?!
From Frying pan to fire.

Ada and I had just gotten over yesterday’s drama with a conclusion to keep it secret since we got out unscathed but here I am again, faced with someone I thought I’d gotten rid of for years if not forever.

“Oh you’re up already Gem, say hello to my nephew Dupe”, My aunt urged.

I made reluctant steps towards him my right hand already in a gesture for a hand shake.
“I_I um I am_Gemma, Gemma Anderson”, my words stumbled.

“Are you okay Gem?”, Aunt quizzed with obvious concern written on her face.
If only she knew.

My head bobbed like a yoyo, heart beating at an irregular pace.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you”, he replied before muttering “again” which was for my ears to catch alone.
My throat bobbed fearfully.
My life is so not going well.

“Oh shoot! I’m late. I’ll leave you two to familiarize properly, I have a meeting to attend for all tenants in our sector. I’ll be back before you know it”, she said as she rushed out.

Just what I need
Now, I just understand what Ada feels anytime she laments with her favorite phrase- “ This life no just balance“.

“So”, he started, standing to pour himself a cup of tea, “How has your stay here on Earth been these past few months?”
That creepy voice still makes me want to go hide in a wardrobe or something.

Instead of replying his seemingly dumb question I asked dreadfully, “What did you do with the real Dupe?”
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 awfully long seconds passed before he turned to face me with a smirk, “Oh you mean that lesser handsome version of me? Cus I actually modified his looks to make me look better.”

Oh God!

“I asked you a simple question NOT your life history.”
He chuckled
Apparently having a good time.

“Still the bad mouthed young lady aye?”

“None of your business.”

“Whatever, I didn’t kill him. Just dumped him in some cold freezer.”

Okay for the second time in 24 hours I think I might have a chance at dying any time soon.

“What? Freezing him is more or less like delaying his death PAINFULLY! Please leave him alone, I beg of you. I would do anything you want, ANYTHING.”

“Then come back home with me, where you belong.”

I scoffed

“Oh yeah sure I will, so my crazy aunt would have me killed the moment I step on Meisel.”

He guffawed.

“Oh poor Princess, if only you knew__”

That got me alarmed.

“Knew what? My mother, she’s still alive right? She wasn’t murdered by her sister, was she? No please don’t tell me yes, she couldn’t possibly kill her own twin all in the name of overpowering__” My worries must have gotten the better of me until I got awakened by a slap from him.

I toppled over the dining table with so much force that I thought I was going to die at the moment.

I was still lying in shock when he walked over to me, “I’ve always wanted to do that ever since you escaped from us.”
He grabbed on a handful of my hair ignoring my screams.

“Stay still while I explain some vital things to you, would you? Be a good girl”, he smiled as he caressed my face.

“Take your filthy hands off me”, I said through gritted teeth.
“However you want it princess”, with that he dropped me back to the floor, hard.

“You know, I was very furious after you got me tangled and locked up that morning before escaping. The rest came back and found me in that position but they didn’t bother releasing me.”

“Off we went, to Meisel after several failed attempts at finding you. They took me to your witch of an aunt who in turn had me locked for weeks with extreme torture. My offence? Allowing a little teenage girl to trick and overpower me.”

His jaw ticked.

“I read minds remember? Do you know your little creepy fish headed jerk who was asked to watch over you no longer has the ability to read minds, All thanks to you! I was robbed of my pride because they didn’t think I deserved it.”

I rolled my eyes while he continued.

“I was released a few days later and was asked to solely find you anywhere you were hiding. The hunt for you began once again but this time, a one man hunt.”

“You’ve been smart enough not to have bought any phone but you know the saying, ‘Everyday is for the captive, one day is surely for the hunter”

“You used your so called new aunt’s phone to make a quick call to your friend, Ada on the 26th of June at 6:37 pm and just like that, my scanner which had your voice stored as a measure to find you picked it up. I got to know where you were hiding. If you were smart enough, the day your watch beeped furiously was the day you were supposed to know your cover was blown but no, you thought it was a malfunction.”

Okay I thought he said ‘ little vital information’
What’s all this boring story about?

Why can’t he just take me already and sedate me with something instead of making me go through the pains of labored breathing due to my injuries both internal and external.

“To cut the long story short, the senior you found singing at your school that day was actually me and I slapped you to ensure you were not just a hologram because I thought you were starting to suspect something but I guess my worry was for nothing. I tapped in on your guardian’s phone and overheard her discussing with the so called__”, that was the last thing he spouted before I heard the loud bang.

I looked up to see him clutching his head in pains before passing out and found a forever crazy Ada with a pestle in hand.

I yelped in surprise.

“How was that for an entrance baby girl?”, she smirked as she pulled me up my feet.

“I love you”, I replied instead while pulling her into a bear hug.


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