Heroes Of Meisel-12

Heroes Of Meisel-12

“Omo ele,where’re you headed to?”,the area boy asked while showing off a crooked set of brown teeth.


Instead of replying,I went around him and continued walking only for him to appear at my front again.

“Non of your business okay? Please excuse me.”
“Baby wait naw,you haven’t told me your name ever since I’ve been asking you for it.”

Did he just call ME baby???
“Firstly,I’m a teenager NOT a baby and secondly I don’t give my name to strangers.”,I replied with a glare.

It wasn’t the first time he was approaching me.
According to Ada,he’s one of the ‘big boys’ around here WHOM I wouldn’t want to dare anger.
But honestly it’s getting out of hands.
I don’t want to be rude but I also don’t want to give him audience to speak to me.

“Okay,but can I have your digits then?”
“What digits?”
“Your phone number.”
“I’m sorry but I don’t have a phone.”

Honestly I don’t.
The watch⌚ I took from my kidnappers van serves as my phone.
Secondly if I get a real phone or ask aunty Dunni to get me one,it would aid their attempt in finding me.

But I wasn’t ready to tell this freak standing at my front that.
He looked at me like I was an alien.
“Did you just say you don’t have a phone OR you don’t own a phone?”
“Sorry what’s the difference?”
“Look sir,you’re wasting my time okay? I have somewhere to go”,I said while trying to get out of the confined space he put me to.

He seemed to be in a deep thought for a while before giving me the needed space to walk out.
Not even bothering to say thanks,I did not walk out…I ran out.
Can’t believe I was actually scared.
He doesn’t seem like a dangerous person to me though.

I got to Ada’s apartment some minutes after.
We talked for like an hour before I told her about my encounter.

“Woah ,and you’re sure baba just allowed you to pass…JUST LIKE THAT??”
“Yes naw. Any problem with that?”
I gestured for her to explain
“The Lanre I know doesn’t allow what or who he wants to go scot free if he can’t have them.”

“Okayyy,maybe he just gave up. People change.”
She looked at me like I had gone nuts.
“Another discussion please,before I totally confirm you’re very naive.”
“I’m not. I just feel people shouldn’t be judged based on their past record.”
She looked like she wanted to argue further but didn’t push it😌😌😌
“Oh did you see that senior that was punished on the assembly……”,we kept gisting on and on and on till it was time for me to go home.

She insisted on escorting me home, I bade her mum goodbye then we left.

There’s one thing about Ada when walking with her, she walks like a snail,noting every new thing she walks past😕
I stopped complaining a long time ago and just decided to go with the flow😶

We were so engrossed in our conversation about the new Cinema under construction that we didn’t notice the presence of two guys walking behind us at a close range until I bent to re-tie my sneakers then noticed their shadows.
They stopped too.
She stiffened upon turning back.

“What do you two want?”,she asked slowly.
One of them smiled….not a nice kind of smile though😈
“Her. Our boss would like to have a word with her.”,his partner answered while pointing at me.
“Huh I don’t think there’s anyone bearing Her here”,she replied back. Gosh,this girl and her nerves.
“In case you don’t understand young lady,we would like your friend here to come with us.”
“Not happening.”
My throat was getting drier by the minute.

“Um Ada,I think I should go with them”,I said slowly.
She gave me her are-you-out-of-your-senses glare but that doesn’t budge me one bit.
I can always pacify her😌

“That settles it then,come with us.”
“Wait”,she suddenly spoke.
“Take me along with her.You met us together,take us together.”
Okay that’s so not what I want.
I can handle these guys and her getting involved would complicate matters.
I can’t let anything happen to her even though she’s always spoiling for a fight WHICH I would gladly give up for her .

But these guys are obviously dangerous.
“Ada…”,I tried to persuade but one of the duff heads beat me to it.
“Fine then,the more than merrier.”

She took my hands and asked them to lead us on.
“What are you doing??”,I asked in anger.
“Going with you obviously.”
“Hey,you two.No more talks.”
“Yeah right,we forgot we’ve been kidnapped.Oops our bad”,she retorted back.

We kept on walking until we got to their hide out.
“I knew it!”,she exclaimed when she saw their supposed boss.
He ignored her and came to me.
“I thought you allowed me to go??”
“I did, but did I say I’d leave you forever??”
Now I think I could seriously use a bottle of water.
Not to drink but to pour over his head😠
He kept on advancing towards me until there was no space left.
“Hey do you mind? You’re invading my personal space.”
Gosh his breath smells like tom tom mixed with water from the sewer.
He didn’t budge and I was getting ready to kick the senses out of him when suddenly he was pulled roughly away from me.
“You heard her,you’re invading her personal space”,the one and only crazy girl I have as a friend snapped.
I smiled.

He looked ready to punch someone any moment and I think it’s going to be us.
“Dayo!”,he called out.
One of the guys came forward
“Yes boss”
“Plan B”
With that,he left the room.

“Still think people shouldn’t be judged based on their past records?”

He whistled loudly and three other guys came into the room.
Making it a total of five guys in one room.
We’re dead meat.
“How do you babes want it? Hard or easy?”
“We want it numb”,she replied.
Okay I’m totally lost here.
One of the guys started unbuckling.
O k a y I think I’m starting to understand.
We took a step back.
“Gem,run!”,she yelled.
Which was what we did but was useless as they caught us swiftly.
“Hey let my friend go!”,she said struggling to get free.
Wasn’t it supposed to be “let me go”?😕

Okay no more baby acts.
I gave the guy holding me a strong kick on the foot.
Before I could advance further,another one blocked my way brandishing a knife.
“Sorry this is gonna hurt a lil bit”,I said to him before unexpectedly jumping on his neck and punching him to unconsciousness.
So much for a knife😒
“Sweet dreams”

Looking up,I found the so called friend I wanted to protect doing just fine on her own😱
She had one guy already unconscious.
Three down,two more to go.
She looked up.
“Hey babe,how do you want this?”
I smiled
“Just go with da flow”,I yelled back.
We took one each but I guess we were both thinking in the same direction as we kept on passing ’em around.
They proved good fighters BUT not good enough😋😋


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    The story is awesome,I mean interesting, amazing,captivating,
    Please write more,I really love it

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    This story is really captivating, u will write better than all those legends of writing
    It is awesome

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