Adventures Of Brian May-9

Adventures Of Brian May-9

°•°•°•°•°•Day 3•°•°•°•°•°

Oh well.
Day 1 and 2 went down well
However day 3 didn’t come with so much luck…
My plan was to deal with her in a less dangerous anyway, her hair sure had suffered because by the next morning it wasn’t there anymore.
Rumor said she had to shave it off as adviced by the Orphanage’s matron in order to avoid infections due to the dye’s chemical components.

I wasn’t sorry for her then because to me, that’s the price you pay for bullying and maltreating an “innocent” young girl like me.
I knew I was going off the radar, becoming a sorta evil person but there was no going back for me.
No one messed up with Brian May back then and went Scot free.
With one more revenge up my sleeve, I set out to put it into action.

Our ICT teacher had assigned us to a project which would determine our promotion into the next class.
Those that had the grace of owning a laptop got down to work swiftly while “people like me” had to take turns using the Orphanage’s computers.
Of course she had a laptop so I decided to stage it as the victim of my next prank.

After lights out that night, I snuck out of our room and headed to her room.
I made some birdlike noises to bring her out which was successful.
I kept going in the shadows and led her to the orchard where she got confused with the other bird sounds there.
I detoured back to her room, took the laptop and left as quietly as possible after dropping a little gift for her.

I’m serious.
I gave her a gift duh.

With my hoodie over my head, I headed to the Orphanage’s mini stadium and found a spot secluded from main view.
I placed the laptop on the ground, poured a bottle of petrol I had stolen from the janitor’s closet over it and brought out matches from my hoodie’s pockets.
I struck a match stick against it’s pack, stared at it for a moment before lowering myself on the ground to place it on the laptop.
“No biggie”, I thought to myself.
“She would be given another one as per se she be popular jingo.”

Little did I know I had been followed.
One moment I was placing the lighted match on the laptop, the next moment it was blown out of my fingers.
I had been so engrossed in my devilish act else I would have realized I wasn’t alone earlier.
I looked up in horror to see one of the security guards staring at me with eyes that promised voluminous disgrace.
Without anything as much as a sound, he pulled me up a little too roughly for my size that night and headed to the Director’s quarters.

“Let me explain sir….”, I wasn’t able to finish my sentence before a heavily measured slap landed on my face.
That shut me up pretty fast.
I gave up struggling against him and just went along with the draggy thingy.

Boy I knew I was in deep trouble and only the grace of God would help me get out alive.
We got to her quarters and after some raps on the door by his knuckles, she came out looking nothing like the tushed up polished director I knew.
I couldn’t help but snicker out loud regardless of the impending doom over my head.
He looked at me murderously but lord knows I wasn’t fazed in any way by those looks.
Jeez I was damn daring back in those days.

She observed the situation with her eyes roaming over us in a puzzled like manner.
“What’s happening here?”,she asked.
I gave the man the perfect honour of doing the storytelling while I gave myself the role of a sorry looking actress.
I wasn’t sorry for what I did as soon as the memories of how I had been isolated and treated like trash came crashing down on me.
They made me this way and given the chance to do more, I’d gladly jump at it.

After what seemed like hours of hell, he was done.
The look on her face seemed like she would kill me any instant, that was enough for me to cower.


“All kids to the main hall now”, that was what roused everyone at the wee hours of the next morning.
All workers were there already, including the teachers and they had been briefed on my “criminal” act.
Nobody cared to hear my side of the story.
Apparently they were able to put one plus one together to figure out I was behind their favourite orphan’s new hair style.
I was made to sleep in the janitor’s closet the previous night and trust me, I almost passed out permanently.
“Wicked set of people”, I said in my mind as I was released from there and ordered to match to the hall.

Not long after, everyone was assembled.
I was made to stand at the podium, with the laptop, bottle of petrol and matches in my arms.
Of course as expected there were murmurs here and there but I couldn’t care less.

The director stepped forward and raised her right hand.
That was enough to silence all.
She began her speech which still rings in my heart vividly till today.
“In this orphanage, we try to ensure we raise responsible citizens, we give you all the best of education, best of accommodation, the best of everything we can afford. Go out there, most orphanages do not give that. Yet this riffraff, this daughter of a nobody, this bastardized excuse of a child threw it back in our face. This stupidly created version of a girl came from nowhere with nothing but a bag and letter looking hungry and wild. I took her in. But it is with grave heart I’m announcing to you today that she is a criminal, an obstacle to good things, a hater of development and of course an enemy of progress.”

She allowed it to sink in before continuing, “This girl you are seeing here is the reason why the pride of our beloved orphanage turned bald….”
Bla bla bla
She went ahead to explain how I was caught, fabricating all sorts of wavy lies to it in order to make her seem like a hero.

I allowed her to keep on preaching until I could take it no more.
She had crossed the line.
Till today, where the anger and courage came from, I can NOT explain.
I threw the load in my arms to one side while at the same time screaming,”STOP!”

Hehe the look on her face was something I could have snapped and captioned, “That moment a thirteen year old shuts you down and you realize you’ve been ranting.”

“Just STOP already. You claim to give us the best of everything. Whatever happened to the best of love huh? You claim to have taken me in but did you bother to introduce me to the rest of the kids here? Did you try asking me how I ended up at your doorstep that night? How and why the writer of the letter wrote that to you? For three years, three good years I’ve been on the streets, fighting, struggling to survive along with the writer of that very letter. Three years, I achieved so much more than any kid you claim to give everything here. All those things I didn’t say for the months I’ve spent here caused a wrecking ball inside my brain but news flash people. I’m gonna scream them loud this morning because I am sick and tired of proving I’m alright cus I ain’t.”

Little did I realize I was in tears already.
“You call me a bastard, a riffraff, fine. But do you all realize like a small boat on the ocean, I was able to send big waves into motion through my attacks on your Diva? A single word could make a heart open but none of you, no soul here ever tried to know me. I am an orphan,true. But I am no daughter of a nobody. My name is Adesuwa May Brian. The daughter of a freaking oil magnet and if not for life’s unfortunate ways of throwing people into storms, I could buy this place ten times and over. I had a match with me last night and I could have initiated a freaking explosion however that’s not me. I’m not giving up, not today, not ever. She started it first and I know I had gone too far but I would have her whole head cut off if I had the chance. She tagged me brainless and worthless but tell me, do you all realize who you are treating like trash?!”, I yelled out like crazy.

The fire in me felt like it would consume me anytime and boy I was ready to embrace it.

“I promise you all, straight up from nothing I will have everything. Higher than the highest sky scraper. The proof is in MY bloodline.”


  1. John Elusiyan

    December 26, 2020

    Poorly planned revenge gone sour😂💔

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    December 26, 2020

    I’ve stopped following but I think there’s a need to follow back now that I’ve read this..
    I love the write up.. Keep it up Abby😉

  3. Pharhan

    December 28, 2020

    Ok so actually I’ve stopped following the story b4 but I guess I’ve got to continue following bcuz we are already In the interesting part . But trust Moi this chapter out of all the chapters uve written and I’ve read it’s the super best

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