Adventures Of Brian May-8

Adventures Of Brian May-8

Day 2 ¶

The next day which was a Friday was one of the best nights of my life back then…..
We didn’t have classes from Friday till the next Monday.

If only all orphanages were like this

During the day, I decided to use a little bit more of my savings to pursue my revenge so I bought a mini mp3 player embedded with a timer.
However, I used the memory card on her iPhone instead of buying that too.
Well, I could say the phone came in really handy because I did much more than using its memory card.
I downloaded a recorded soundtrack from a horror movie ranked number one on the charts for that week, saved it on the memory card and inserted it into the MP3 player.
Not your typical MP3 player I must say.
I modified it a little bit, setting the timer on it to work as an alarm in about 7 hours.

An alarm must have a ringtone right……?
I set the horror soundtrack as its tone with a period to ring for 15 minutes.
Next, I sneaked into her room to find a suitable place to hide it in.

“Great, 8 kids share a room while the Diva gets a whole room to herself”, I muttered under my breath while scanning for where to place the device.
I had successfully hidden it on top of her wardrobe when the door flew open.
I froze still, standing on the stool I used to climb up.

She walked in, singing on top of her voice with her iPod in both ears, eyes closed.
She stopped walking for a while as she continued singing, eyes still closed, probably loved that part of the song.
That was my chance.
I gently descended from the stool and tiptoed towards the door.
For the second time that week, I was grateful for my body stature.

Once out and safe, I exhaled loudly.
“Phew, what a duff head for a Diva. I mean come on, who gets a cockroach in her hair, hands glued to her head and the whole school on her case one day then the next day sing on top of her voice with no care in the world???”, I said with a grimace while dusting the dirt which had accumulated from her wardrobe, off my hands.

Phase two:
I took out the pack of dye I had left from the last practical class we had on tie and dye.
Then I changed my pillowcase to from plain white to a flowery one, brought out another identical pillowcase and took it to the bathroom where I soaked it into a bucket full of multicolored dye.
Afterwards, I took the bucket back to our room and kept it safely away under the bed.

Later that night, a few minutes past 10 to be exact, she came into our room with a disheveled look like the slightest poke in the ribs could make her faint.
She was accompanied by a worker at the orphanage.
The room which was bubbly a minute ago became drop-dead silent.
We wondered what could have brought her royalty into our simple non-royal room.
She looked around for a while before settling her eyes on me.
“Her”, she pointed at me while glancing at the worker.
The lady nodded before walking over to my bed.
“Get off the bed, NOW”, she ordered.

For a while I stood still, wondering fearfully whether I had been caught until her next line of words made me sigh with relief, “She would like to sleep on your bed for tonight.”
I nodded wordlessly before doing as ordered.
“Um, where am I going to sleep, ma’am?”, I asked a question which of course I already had an answer to in my mind.
“Her room.”

The series of gasps that went round the room afterwards was confirmation that I had succeeded halfway with my plan.
“Huh okay, allow me to just get my slippers from beneath the bed ma”, I said as I stooped low, clutching my pillow in hand.

I had almost gotten up to my full height back before the devil came up to me and ordered me to drop my pillow back on the bed.
“Ordering you to drop it doesn’t mean you should use or touch anything on my bed with my bed included.”
“You can sleep on the floor for all I care, just don’t touch my properties.”
I gulped fearfully before muttering; “Alright.”

The whole dorm room was literally watching a drama.

I left the room empty-handed with the worker behind me as an escort to the so-called room.

At the door, the lady bade goodnight and left me there.
After ensuring the door was locked, I proceeded to where I had kept the device and switched it off before taking up a pillow and screamed excitedly into it.
Performing some sort of happy dance before moving on to jump on her bed, I squealed, “I’m a freaking genius!!!”

No one saw me change the pillow with another one I had planted under the bed.
The one she asked me to drop back had a multicolored dye-filled pillowcase on it. It was also flowery so no one could have noticed anything odd.
I had planned on dropping it back if she hadn’t even ordered me to anyway.

One look at that bed and her warnings bounced off to the depth of my mind as I threw myself on it.
I knew she wouldn’t want to sleep in the room due to the sounds and what better way to keep on bullying your victim than to push her into your room while you take up her bed space??
“Gosh I wish Arin was here with me, she for don give me high five”, I said in relish.
“It feels good speaking pidgin once again”, I giggled silently before rolling over to fall asleep.
Two pillows beneath my head.
One under my legs.
Two over my
“Feels good”.


“My faaaaaccccceee!!!!”



  1. Soliha

    September 13, 2020

    What an interesting story
    Can’t wait to read the last part of the revenge

  2. Soliha

    September 13, 2020

    What an interesting story
    Can’t wait to read the next part of the revenge

  3. Toluwanimi

    September 13, 2020

    Abeedah you are a pro, you are an expert, a genius at this.❣️❣️
    Let us have mercy small on the diva na😉😂

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