Adventures Of Brian May-7

Adventures Of Brian May-7


Those words kept ringing in my ears after the incident coupled with the way she made my life miserable.

I kept to myself, no friends, not even one acquaintance.
The girl I shared the bed with made it clear she didn’t want to have anything to do with me asides that.
I resigned to fate but I was deeply hurt by one fact – Once the Queen B of a place hates you, the whole people there automatically despise you.

I was going through my belongings mindlessly one evening when I stumbled upon an object – A phone.
Not just any phone, an IPhone.
I looked at it curiously until it’s cracked screen jolted back a memory – “My IPhone!!! My baby!!!”, her phone.
I remembered picking it up after she threw it at me and tossing it into my bag later that night.
Why I did that, I had no idea.

After a few thoughts, I decided to keep it back in there.
I had almost zipped the bag when my eyes stumbled upon a tool box under someone’s reading table.
Without thinking I hopped over to where the owner was.
She was with her friends and they were pretty much surprised to see me standing there.
“Um hello there, I don’t know if you don’t mind lending me your tool box over there”, I muttered nervously.
One of her friends spoke up, “Sorry I didn’t hear you well, could you say that a little bit louder? “, she said with obvious mischief in her voice
I was about to repeat it when the girl spoke up, “Shut up Kenny, I heard her loud and clear. Whether you heard her or not, is your problem cus she wasn’t speaking to you in the first place.”
What in the world????
“Ooooooohhhhh someone just got zilch, big time”, one of the other girls said giggling.
I was speechless myself.
She faced me, “Yes you can have it for a week, I don’t mind. As long as you return it intact without a broken piece.”

I nodded positively in awe.
The look on her friend’s face was priceless

Honestly speaking, telling you this story today, I still can’t believe she allowed me to lend it and even stood up to her friend for me.

As I worked on repairing the phone for days I still asked myself, “Did someone actually stand up for me???”
Well…’s one other thing Arinola had taught me, repairing all sorts of things.
Gosh that lady was an all in one package to me.
By the end of that week, I was staring at a brand new phone.
Not totally new though…..
However, I tried to make it look at its best by using some of my savings to buy a new screen and some other essential things I used in fixing it.
Whoever said an Iphone is gone once it falls???

I returned the box back and thanked her.
I looked at the phone, confused on what to do with it.
I wanted to return it back but then I thought of all those words she said to me.
Did she deserve it back or not?

Well here’s what I finally did…..

She wasn’t getting it back without payback from me, I resolved.
No one hurts me without regretting it.
I didn’t live on the streets for three years to end up watching myself being bullied.

I carried out what I called 3 Days Of Hell on her.
Here we go……

Day 1__

I studied her acts for that day and noticed she liked to glide her right hand over the staircase railings.
I bought two super glues, poured it over the railings at a targeted time I knew she was going to come upstairs.
At least, two minutes would have gone by before any other student used the stairs that was for sure.
No one liked to cross her path that much.

There was a tiny dent in the ceiling towards the end of the corridor where she was to pass.
I located the nearest vent and climbed up.
At 13, I had a really light body so it was easy to hang on to a wood up there with my weapon in hand.
I waited for 15 seconds before she emerged, signing along to a song I didn’t care to know.
Obviously the glue was still wet when she did her usual gliding so I guessed she must have either waved it off as water or was on her way to the toilet to wash her hand.
I dropped the large cockroach which I had bounded on her head.

She stopped as she felt the light weight of something drop on her head.
Our dear diva did the mistake of touching her hair with her hands, the next thing I heard was her laughter and something like, “Oh me gaw___d, my hair is s_o tickl_ish.”
I took a peep from my hideout and almost laughed my pants out from the sight I saw.

Have you watched one of those Indian Dances where the dancers put one hand on their heads and dance?
Well that was pretty much what she was doing.
As expected, students started trooping in.
The sight that met them was so not what they expected.

Too good that orphanage had so many sponsors so the kids there were taken care of really nice, my point……They had phones which was equal to bringing it out, taking pictures and videos of her.
Minus feeling sorry for her.
Plus laughing their insides out.
Divided by her friend moving closer to her trying to figure out what was wrong.
Multiplied by screams of, “There’s a cockroach in your hair!!!”, and the final equation equalled to me leaving the ceiling as quietly as I could with tears of laughter rolling down my face……
Day 2 and 3 coming up this weekend~~


  1. Abdul Awwal Adeyemo

    September 7, 2020

    nice story

  2. Toluwanimi

    September 7, 2020

    Abby has done it again!!
    I love this. Classic school girl life😅😅

  3. Marvellous olomu

    September 8, 2020

    Wow, classical school life

  4. Abdullah

    September 8, 2020

    Woow Aunty Abby

  5. Abdurrahman Adeyemo

    September 10, 2020

    Wow this is a lovely, nice,amaizing story

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