Adventures Of Brian May-4

Adventures Of Brian May-4

“May! You have to leave now.”, was the first thing I heard one fateful morning πŸŒ„.
“Huh why?”
She didn’t answer but kept on packing stuffs into my backpack πŸŽ’.
“Fine, don’t answer”, with that I went back to sleep.
Next I felt was water πŸ’§ πŸ’§ πŸ’§ on my face.
“Hey!! What’s the deal with you this morning??”
“I’m sorry but I couldn’t think of any other way to get you fully awake.”
“Which you totally succeeded atπŸ˜’.”
I looked at her well again and noticed her left eye was swollen, a cloth was tied on her right arm and her clothes looked like a mess, torn in different places.
The previous night’s event came back rushing to my memory.
We took a stroll and stumbled upon a group of guys about to gang rape a lady.
As expected, we tried to help her but the fight was tough.
It seemed as if those guys were professional martial artists but we still got the girl to run away.
The fight that wasn’t meant for us now became ours πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Looking back to that night today, I wish we’d chosen another route for our strollπŸ˜“.

We escaped and got home safely.
Treated our wounds and went to bed.
Waking up and seeing her all beat up again wasn’t so what I expected.

“Arin, what happened to you?? Did those guys attack you?? Have you gone out today?? Why didn’t you wake me up earlier??”
“Don’t worry about those, all you need to do now is to leave fast before they zero in on us which could be any moment from now.Here, take the bag. You’ll find an address in it with a letter, give it to the manager there.Your money and our savings are also there, get yourself a phone…”, she was interrupted by a loud noise coming in from the main door.
“Wait what do you mean go? Do I have two heads? What about you? “
“Look, you and I know these guys are deadly. They’ll catch up on us in no time if we leave together. I’ll distract them. If I make it out in one piece I’ll be the first person you would see tomorrow morning.”
“And if not?”, I asked dreading the answer I would get.
“Stay at the orphanage.Do not cause trouble, just be yourself.”
“Wait the address you’re sending me to is an orphanage?? A freaking orphanage???”
“Please just go!”
“Wait one last question…..”
I didn’t get to ask before the door to our makeshift room got broken down.
Three masked men stormed in.
She took one out but was still struggling with the other while the third one was advancing towards me.
I heard more footsteps coming 😫😫
“Jump through the window May! Just go! Run as fast as you can! “, with that she took out the guy she was fighting with and tackled the third one from behind.
I looked at her one last time hesitating.
“Last night was a trap! Stop looking at me and get the hell out of here!”
As soon as she said that, more men came running in armed with guns.
With that, I jumped out and started the race of my life for the second time in my entire life.
I had covered some distance before I heard heavy footsteps behind me.
“Great, so now they are after me.Too bad they won’t get their hands on me. I promise you that Arin”, I thought to myself.
I kept on running , turning at some streets, dodging cars and trucks.
It reminded me of when I was ten with a similar scenario.
Too bad Arin wouldn’t be there to save me again.


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