Adventures Of Brian May-2

Adventures Of Brian May-2

“Hey!! Where are you pulling me to?”
“Somewhere safe”, she replied curtly
“Oh come onnn!! The fact that you just saved my life back there doesn’t give you any right to take me wherever you wish “, I snapped
She let go of my hand and stopped.
“Look, I’m sorry I’m acting rude. It’s just that the guy could regain consciousness any minute and if he catches us we are dead meat”
“I know, I’m sorry I snapped. I’m just kind of scared of following you since I don’t even know the first thing about you except for the fact that you are a pro at self defense”
She smiled
“That, my friend is the first thing about me. I kick ass for survival”
” Huh isn’t ass a dirty word? “
She looked shocked at first, then seemed to realize something before smiling again.
“Yeah it is, my bad. You are what? 12 years? “
“No I’m 10”, I replied with a chuckle.
“Yeah, I get that look all the time”
At 10,I looked 13.
Guess that’s what you get from being a rich kid.
On a serious note, I knew I shouldn’t trust the lady. This is Lagos for crying out loud but she saved me so I guess I owe her.
“Alright we’ll chit chat later, let’s get going “, she had started running but didn’t hold me this time.
Ofcourse I didn’t need a dummy to tell me to follow her.
Not long after, we heard a loud crash behind us.
“There they are!! “
I groaned.
I can recognize that creepy voice anywhere but this time, he seemed to have partners.
“Okay kid, change of plans. We’ll split up, see that junction over there? I’ll go right, you go left. Keep on running until you get to a tree. Climb it and wait for me there. “
“What!!!! Do I look like a monkey??? I’ve never climbed a ladder in my life not to talk of a tree!!! “
“Welcome to the streets baby girl”, and with that, she took turned right.
I hadn’t realized we were already at the junction and did the mistake of looking back.
I’ll never forget that scene.
Six young looking but dangerous guys were closing in on us.
I ran like never before.
They also split into three.
“Gosh that crazy lady didn’t tell me there’s a main road here!!! “, I cried out to no one in particular.
Luckily there was traffic 🚥 so I kept on weaving in and out of cars until I got to the other side.
Looking back, the guys were still trying to get out of it but I saw two of them instead so I ran faster.
I jumped in and out of gutters, slipped on the ground plenty times, almost got hit by a lorry and finally I saw the tree at a distance but they were still after me.
Two steps forward, the third guy appeared at my front.
So that’s where he passed, I thought.
He back tracked and went through another route.
“You are dead”, he said with a wicked grin.
I ran to the right, diverging from my original route but I guess luck wasn’t just on my side that day.
The street was a dead end.
Soon enough, I was surrounded.
I was ready to just faint and let them take me wherever they intended to but then on a second thought, I did not run 🏃 🏃 like a mad person through all those dangerous roads and almost get killed only for me to give up now.
We die together, I thought.
Looking around, I saw a stone and a wicked looking stick lying around.
I waited until they got nearer and got ready to roll over to make them collide into themselves before taking the weapons but before I could even make a move,I heard WHACK, KICK, CRASH.
Opening my eyes, I saw her standing over one of the guys who was obviously unconscious.
“Hey! Do you mind?? I was doing just fine on my own.”
“Didn’t seem like that to me”
I glared at her but she just kept on smiling.
What was her deal with smiling anyway?
“Come on, let’s go. I’ll introduce myself on the way”
We left the place and jogged to only God knew where she was leading me to.
“I’m Arinola by name, 16,Yoruba and I hate guys. Your turn”.
“May,10,Yoruba and I hate my father”.
“Woah”, she skidded to an abrupt stop, causing me to bump into her from the back. “Ouch!!”
This should be fun. 😒😒


  1. Gift

    June 7, 2020

    Nice 💘❤️

  2. Abdullah

    July 10, 2020

    I hope all those did not happen to you . I guess it is a story.

  3. Cool pharhan

    July 19, 2020

    This is for you Abdullah , it would never.
    And the story is amazingly interesting

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