Adventures Of Brian May-10

Adventures Of Brian May-10

So much for a heartfelt speech.

Just for a teeny weeny eeny bit of moment, I thought I got through to them but the next thing that pierced into my ear was, “Throw this sour sauce out of my Orphanage.”


I was almost done packing my stuff and getting ready to say goodbye to a roof that housed me for a few months.
Regardless of how I had been treated, I was still grateful for having a place to call home.
I threw the last set of books into my bag.
Tied my shoelaces.
“To get a grip on your emotions May.”
I gritted out loud.

Turning around to leave the room, I found an elderly worker staring at me with that one look I’ve come to despise so much even till today- Pity.
Before I could ask why he was there, he saved me the stress, “Madam director say make I call you to her office sharp sharp.”
“Why?”, I asked more out of curiosity not despise.
Perhaps she decided to give me a second chance.
“Perhaps.”, I reminded myself.
“Wetin you talk?”
“Nothing I was just thinking out loud.”, I replied with a tight smile.

We got to her office minutes later where I was faced with a young-looking couple.
“You called me”, I said before deciding to add, “Ma” to it.
She looked up with an expression I couldn’t decipher from either disappointment or something close to that.
She looked at the couple and had what I would call a final decision kind of look amidst themselves.
“Change of plans, you are going to live with the Oladele couple.”
“I’m sorry wha’??”
“I said THIS couple here witnessed your little drama this morning AND they think they can tame YOUR wild attitude.”

You know this wild kind of laugh that erupts out of you when you find yourself in a crappy situation and you know you are just screwed totally?
That’s the kind of laugh I produced that morning.
However, it didn’t last for a minute as I turned on a deadly face.
“I’m sorry are you joking?”

She looked like she could strangle me any moment while the couple and the worker ( whose reason of presence, I didn’t know) just switched gazes between me and the woman.
“Listen to me, young lady…”
I cut her off immediately, another douse of anger rising in me.
“No, YOU listen to ME old woman. This piece of sour sauce right here ain’t going nowhere with no god-damned couple you probably wanna sell me off to. YOU have NO right over ME. Heck, last I checked you weren’t even MY guardian. So YOU all are going to sit right in YOUR crappy seats and watch ME walk out.”


“Adopt me indeed”, I scoffed as I trekked.
I left the Orphanage about two hours back and had been walking ever since.
I smiled as I remembered the little gift I left for my nemesis.
I hoped she liked the modifications I implanted in the iPhone.

I had no idea where to go or what to do.
Just kept on walking wherever my legs took me.
I had grown up in Lagos all my life so I wasn’t familiar with Ogun state and its environment.
However, the weather suddenly stopped being my friend and turned evil.
It started to rain.
I got my sweater out of the bag, wore it, and pulled the hoodie up my head.
The bag had it’s own waterproof cover so I just pulled it over it and continued walking.

The day was fast running towards darkness yet I hadn’t found a place to stay for the night.

Shivering like a psyched fish, I heavily leaned against an Iroko tree.
I studied my surroundings.
“Yikes”, I moaned.
I was in a village.
At least that’s what it looked like from nearby huts I could make out.
Even worse, I was at a riverbank.
“Hehe wahala be like Titanic. They kukuma offered me people to live with, na me strong head dey worry.”

Dragging myself down to the visible roots of the tree, I decided that was where I was going to spend the night, mentally calculating the odds of me being subjected to all forms of diseases by the time I got out of that situation.
“That’s even if I wake up tomorrow.”, I yawned.

Tomorrow morning

“Is she dead?”
“I don’t think so.”
“She looks dangerous.”
“No na, she’s just a small girl. She shouldn’t be older than my sister.”
“Guy forget, the innocent looking ones are the craziest of all. Who age help?!”
“See I know she’s…”

“You two shouldn’t talk about a girl like that in her presence. Conscious or not.”, I snapped as I pulled myself up to lean against the tree.

Shielding my eyes away from the rising glare of the sun, I studied my surroundings.
Damn, I was in a totally open place.
With at least 14 pair of eyes staring at me consistently from a distance expect the two duff heads that dared to come closer.

“Where am I?”


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      Keep it up.

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