Adventures Of Brian May-1

Adventures Of Brian May-1

Adventures of Brian May-1

Looking at the popular city of Lagos through the car’s window, I can’t help but marvel at how far I’ve come.
It all revolves around three words…. seventeen, ten and may
My name is Brian May and this is my story.

I’m a writer, programmer, photographer, motivational speaker and self defense tutor.
Pretty much for a woman my age right?

I’ll explain every single story behind each occupation.
Sit back and enjoy ☺️☺️

It all started when I was ten
I remember those words vividly
“Life comes at you fast. Don’t ever forget where you come from and where you’ve been”
Those were the last words of my father to me on his death bed.
One moment he was talking, the next moment he was silent. I watched my father die right before my eyes without even knowing it.
As a kid, I had assumed he was just tired and needed water but when he didn’t answer my question I thought he had fainted so I decided to get water 💧 to pour on his face 🤷‍♀️(I see that in movies all the time).
As I was returning back to the room I met his sister on the way, she asked me what I wanted to do with a bucket of water and I explained what happened. Before I could say anything else she ran past me to his room. She ran really fast for a petite lady her age.

Less than a minute later I heard her shouting his name, “Broda mi! Broda mi!!”
Ten minutes later my house was filled with people I have never seen before in my entire life.
Well what was I to expect?
I hardly see any member of my family.
I wasn’t allowed to see him and no one really cared if I had eaten or not.

Of course ten years old me couldn’t comprehend what was going on.
All I knew was that dad seemed to be in a peaceful sleep and they were disturbing him with their noise AND I was hungry.

I found my aunt and asked her what was going on.
“Aunty Bisola what’s wrong? “
“Nothing that serious sweetie,it’s just that your dad has gone to somewhere peaceful to rest forever. “
I thought I was right after all but something wasn’t right, if he had gone to rest why was she crying??

Little did I know that would be the end of my rosy life.
My father was the CEO of an Oil and Gas company so as the cliche goes… His family obviously thought he had a lot of ‘kudi’.
Little did they know he had willed 70% of his properties to me 😇😇
20%went to his family and 10% went to orphanages.
His company was among my share but guess what?

He asked his manager to take care of it and my other properties till I was 17 🤯🤯.

He left me with no specified guardian to take care of me.
No house to stay in.
No relative willing to take me in.

The worse part?
He instructed his manager not to take me in 😒
The only thing I was left with was a stupid note and 17 thousand naira to live on….. TILL I CLOCKED 17.

I cried for days
On the streets of Iyana Ipaja
I was broken
I was devastated
I was sad
Then I became angry
And furious
And rebellious
Then I broke.

Two weeks later, hungry, tired me was ransacking my bag for the pack of chewing gum I had bought to live on.
Seventeen thousand naira had reduced to fifteen thousand naira, I silently commended myself. The previous me wouldn’t even think twice before lavishing it on food in a day but I guess the past two weeks had taught me great lessons.

Still looking for the pack, an envelope fell out.
It contained the note my dad left for me which I had threw into the bag carelessly the day I left.
I found the pack, pulled out a gum and settled down to enjoy it.
Since I didn’t have anything else to do I decided to read the note with a teeny hope of finding something like a tressure map 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
I was still a kid so what else was I to expect?
Imagine this scenario, a ten year old girl in dirty jean trousers 👖 along with a green shirt 👕 and sneakers 👟 chewing gum like a pro, under the shade of abandoned BRT. Pretty much a sore sight.

After reading the note, I was crying.
The note changed me, myself and I.
Here’s what he wrote 👇👇👇
No dear daughter or any cuddly form of greeting. Seriously did an evil spirit posses my dad during the last days of his life??

Goodbye my love
You are everything your mom was made of
I wish I had more time to spend with you, if only I was solid like a jewel(😒yeah right)
Hello dear daughter
( I was starting to think what he wrote was a poem)
What you are about to experience is a misery that knows no end, except you get yourself out of it.
You will run
You will jump
You will climb
You will fight
And then you will soar
See the light where the sky meets the see?
That’s how close and at the same time be far from death
(OK by then, I was convinced my father had gone crazy which was probably the cause of his death 😕)
A single word can make a heart open
You are just one match but you MUST make an explosion 💥

“Okay so that’s it??” I asked out loud angrily.
“Oh baby that’s not all, there’s so much more”, a creep whom I didn’t notice in the shadows came out holding a knife on one hand and alcohol on the other hand.

Uh oh 😳😳


  1. Ruqoyyah

    May 31, 2020

    I want a non-stop story please,,,dis is much more interesting and I can’t just imagine myself having a break so I’m expecting more of it soonest..
    Keep it up sweetheart…Dis is wonderful

  2. Abdullah

    July 10, 2020

    There was a little bit of the song U use in one of the tutorial in Animation tutorial. I love this more than the second I mean HEROES OF MEISEL.

  3. Cool pharhan

    July 19, 2020

    I really want this story to end perfectly well good just

  4. Cool pharhan

    July 19, 2020

    I really want this story to end perfectly well good job

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