I got out of the shower just as she came back with one of my aunts.
In no time, I was dolled up.
Looking like a b-r-i-d-e

I could hear the somewhat distant voice of the MC booming from some speaker somewhere in our large compound.

“There she is!”
“Awww doesn’t she look biyitifuuuu??!”
I rolled my eyes beneath my veil.
My cousins sure had 66a way of riling me up.
They knew how much I hated this whole situation yet they did nothing but ensure I was aware I would be going off to live with a total stranger for the rest of my life.

When did my life even become this miserable?

“Oya oya oya let’s go. They’re about to ask the bride to come in”, my mum prodded us out the back door, my female cousins in tow.

I looked at my mum’s excited face expressionlessly.
When did it all start to go wrong?
What happened to the loving mother I boasted about?
The one who would listen to my opinions and wouldn’t force me to do things I wouldn’t want to.
The one who would bear the weight of my bone crushing hugs.

What the hell happened?
I bit back tears threatening to spill.

She’d kill me if she discovered I was ruining the flawless make up it took her artist hours to perfect.

She left me and my bridesmaids  at the edge of some kind of aisle and walked off to take her seat beside my dad who looked as miserable as I felt under the masked smile he put on.

“It’s time to usher in our beautiful bride-“, the MC spills out.

One’s wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day abi?
Lord knows mine is the total opposite
I’m not prepared for this kind of future.
Guess my childhood is over though.
I thought I would make my own money for a while before finding someone to call my own.
I didn’t even tell ANY of my friends about this.

Like this now, someday I’ll be yelling on top of my lungs at kids I probably wouldn’t even love to stop playing.

I’m not doing this.

Slowly….I bend down.
The hook of my heels come off easily under my fingers.
I took the killer excuse of shoes off slowly.
Everyone was laughing at something the MC was saying.
The dumbbell bridesmaids including.
One step back
Two steps
Three steps
Left foot up
Right foot slide
A little more…

“Hey what’s the bride doing??”, someone from the crowd yelled.
Everyone turned to see me in a position not bent and also not quite straight.

Kinda like a slow motion dancer asked to freeze.
I widened my eyes in terror and did the only thing my mind was screaming…. “Run!!!”
I took off, FAST.

Everyone seemed to be frozen in shock for a second before realization set in and I had a hundred and something people on my heels in no time.

I kept running
At least that’s what I thought I was doing.

Running on a spot

I realized I had been lifted up by who I recognized as a a distant cousin.

What right did he have to touch me?!

“Put me down!!”, I screamed frantically
“Hold still lil cousin. Else I’d be forced to touch places considered haram even for a mahram like me”, he whispered quitely into my ears and something about his tone made me conclude he wasn’t bluffing.
I piped down immediately

“Oh shut up”
He chuckled

Quitely I was dropped in the middle of the gathering.
With my head bent, ummi’s next sentence shocked me.
More like it choked me

“Iyawo (The bride) is shy. She’s not used to being the center of attraction. E ma binu.” (Please don’t get mad)
I snapped my head up fast, about to retort when a look from her made me swallow my protest.

“We understand our in-law”, someone I assumed to be the groom’s mother from the way she was dressed said with a reassuring smile.
While the MC picked off where he left, I scanned the surroundings.
Everyone I knew from my parents sides were present.
The groom’s side also turned out to house a lot of guests.

No escape
No fun
No happiness
No nothing

The couple’s tent was designed exclusively with a curtain-like entrance shielding a clear view of the groom’s face.
From what I could make out, he was dressed in clothes similar to mine.
Can’t read the expression on his face though.
Oh well
We move.


Maher Zain’s ‘ For the rest of my life ‘  boomed from the speakers as I slowly made my way towards the tent, my bridal train in tow.
I guess we’re doing this for real.

Parting the curtains aside, I looked up from my veil to behold one of the most beautiful men I ever set my eyes upon.
I said beautiful.
I know.
Don’t argue.

Yes, beautiful.
I’m not really good at describing things or people.
I sha know he’s fine.

Maybe just perhaps I’d go into details of his features later.

I took my place at his side.

We were left alone.


More Silence


I’m not interested in making a conversation though.
But but but it would be nice if HE made an attempt at a conversation wouldn’t it?
It’s not ladies first in this situation abeg.
This lady is not even interested one bit.

I glanced up to steal a glance at him only to discover he was staring at me.
Caught in the act.
He smiled.
God it’s so warmmmm

You’re in trouble Tish


He finally said something.
Okay okay act stern Lee.

“Walaykumu salaam warah matullah”, I replied curtly.
“I’m Mus’ab. You’re Teemah right?”
“Excuse me?”
He looked confused for a moment before understanding.
“Um it’s Teemah isn’t it?”
I raised my left brow in response while he scratched his head in a boyish manner.
“Okay okay I’ve gotten it….Tee-a-ra-h?”
I growled

This is who I’m supposed to get married to??!!
Someone who doesn’t even know my name??

“It’s Tisha”, I growled again
“Um can I get that in spelling??”

Damn I need a bat.
“T-i-s-h-a. We good?”, I said with grinded teeth.
“Yes yes sure yes.”
There was a little silence before he tried to make an attempt at another conversation.

“Well nice to finally meet you in like, forever.”
” Like wise”
He smiled like he knew a secret.

“You don’t seem comfortable, not with the stunt you tried to pull earlier”
I gulped
” You-you saw that?? “
With a wide grin he replied, “Yes of course. I must admit, you run pretty fast Lee.”

I frowned at him WHICH was totally useless considering the fact that he couldn’t see my entire face except for my eyes.
He raised his hands up in surrender, “Okay okay. You’re feisty.”

Pen down😚

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